Peter Oborne’s Open Letter

An open letter from Peter Oborne to Katherine Allen, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister’s Press Office, published in

Dear Ms Allen,

Thank you for your email of 27 April, in which you told me that the Downing Street press office was not prepared to answer questions about David Cameron’s claim at Prime Minister’s Questions that the Tooting Imam Suliman Gani “supports IS”.

. . . Expressing support for the Islamic State is a criminal offence (only last week Mohammad Mohsin Ameen was sentenced to five years in jail for inviting support for IS). Apart from anything else, the prime minister might like to consider that his attack risks putting Mr Gani in harm’s way by opening him up to reprisals. It is wholly unacceptable that a British prime minister should smear a British citizen in this way as part of a political campaign to damage the Labour candidate for London mayor.

. . . To sum up, the prime minister has made a very serious charge against a British citizen – namely that that he supports IS, the most notorious terror group in the world. Neither he nor his spokespeople (ie you and your colleagues, Ms Allen) have been able to provide a scintilla of evidence to support this claim. Since he is unable to provide the evidence, I believe the prime minister must urgently withdraw his false and profoundly damaging assertion about Mr Gani.

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