Malia Bouattia elected as NUS National President

Speaking to conference floor during her election speech, Malia said: “When we talk about liberation it’s not just about women, Black, LGBT+ or disabled students – it’s about us all.”

Malia Bouattia was elected NUS National President at stage one of the count, with the final vote count being:

372 – Malia Bouattia
328 – Megan Dunn
9 – Adil Waraich
22 – (Re-open nominations)

Five NUS Vice Presidents have also been elected:

  • Shakira Martin – Vice President (Further Education)
  • Sorana Vieru – Vice President (Higher Education)
  • Rob Young – Vice President (Society and Citizenship)
  • Richard Brooks – Vice President (Union Development)
  • Shelly Asquith – Vice President (Welfare)

Malia is quoted as saying, ‘It seems I have been misrepresented. I am extremely uncomfortable with insinuations of anti-Semitism. I want to be clear that for me to take issue with Zionist politics is not me taking issue with being Jewish. In fact, Zionist politics are held by people from a variety of different faiths, as are anti-Zionist politics. “It is a political argument, not one of faith’.

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