President Erdogan’s call

Speaking at the 13th Summit of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation,

. . . Valuable friends,
Today, Muslims feel that they are subject to injustice and double standards in many places around the world.
Muslims who experience persecution, oppression and injustice in their own countries are trying to migrate to Western countries.
However, there is a dangerous rise in Western countries regarding hate crimes such as xenophobia and Islamophobia targeting Islam and Muslims.
The unfairness of the representation at the global decision-making and implementation mechanisms is yet another source of unease among the Muslims.
I would like to give an important example here:
For example, is there a single permanent representative of the Muslims, which constitute one fourth of the global population, at the United Nations Security Council?
Is there a point in being a temporary member?
When it comes to decision making, if one of the 5 members acts negatively, nothing can be done.
I would like to state here: “The World is bigger than 5”.
The world no longer has World War I conditions, those conditions have changed, in this case, the United Nations needs to make reforms.
If we want the world to be fair, we have the right to expect this.
A system based on such injustice cannot possibly contribute to global justice.
We have seen, we are seeing and experiencing the pertaining drawbacks in many problems we have faced.
I am repeating my call for re-structuring the United Nations Security Council and aligning it with the geographical and religious distribution of the world population . . .  click here