Urban Terrorism


Martin Carr’s Bombing the Grey Zone: . . . At some point in the future it would be good to imagine that our descendants may look back on our dark and savage world with sadness and horror, and regard it as a bygone tragedy that has been overcome and superseded by a more enlightened era. Perhaps historians will look back and seek to draw  lessons from our collective descent into the abyss, the way we now look back at the 1930s and the rise of fascism,  because the careful study of history can always provide salutary lessons to those disposed to look for them.

They may wonder how it came to be that human beings came to believe that mass murder was a testament of religious faith; that it was acceptable to slaughter unarmed and defenseless civilians  in Brussels, Baghdad, Paris, Ankara and so many other cities with the casual disregard of a child stepping on an ants nest.  Our descendants may notice that these actions did not take place in a vacuum . . .

Looking for explanations to yesterday’s terror-spectacle, they may come across the strategic template outlined in an article published in ISIS’s English-language magazine Dabiq in November last year, which explained that it was necessary to destroy the ‘grey zone’ inhabited by Western Muslims and turn the societies where the lived against them.

. . . Our future scholars may notice that Islamic State aren’t the only ones who want to destroy this ‘grey zone’.  They may notice that yesterday’s atrocities provoked a Twitter hashtag #StopIslam;  that hatemongers across Europe blamed refugees for these attacks before any of them even had the slightest idea who actually carried them out; that Ted Cruz talked of policing Muslim communities in the United States; that Donald Trump wants a new license to waterboard and torture; that Marine le Pen called for France to shut its borders to refugees and immigrants. click here.