US Presidential candidates

Haroon Mughal writes in the Guardian, ‘. . . It doesn’t matter to me whether Donald Trump is serious or not; it doesn’t matter if he’s viable or not. What matters is that Trump is now saying openly what only the most reactionary Republicans would say in hushed tones amongst themselves because they knew it was offensive and unacceptable to nearly everyone else.

Trump has rubbed the wrong bottle; that genie he’s conjured cannot be easily put back, even if other Republicans might want it to be.

But it’s possible that they don’t. Of the current crop of Republican candidates, nearly all of them are warmongers, racists or bigots. Besides Jeb Bush – yes, I said that – and John Kasich, not one of the other candidates has had the courage to stand up to anti-Muslim sentiment except in a perfunctory or halfhearted way. Marco Rubio pretends like there’s no such thing as Islamophobia. Ben Carson thinks American Muslims are schizophrenic. Ted Cruz is all about carpet bombing huge swaths of the Middle East . . . click here