Forgotten Heroes

[image: Hayat Khan Tiwana, the first Indian holding a commission in World War I, later reaching the rank of Major General]

Birmingham Mail reports, ‘ Twice as many Muslim soldiers supported Allied forces in World War One than was previously thought, according to new research by a Birmingham academic.

Dr Islam Issa, a lecturer at Birmingham City University , has been studying the Islamic contribution to the conflict and has found that at least 885,000 Muslims were recruited by the Allies – more than double the 400,000 previously estimated . . .

He found that Muslims involved in the war effort came from as far as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia and that at least 89,000 Muslims were killed fighting for Allied forces under French or British command.

The roles they played included front-line soldiers, trench builders and those transporting vital goods and materials.

The English literature lecturer said: “The 400,000 number we so often hear refers to Muslims in the Indian Army, and there were at least 430,000 of these.

“But many people forget that there was a significant Arab contribution.

“For instance, Egypt alone contributed at least 150,000 camel drivers for British campaigns, and the other north African countries helped the French with at least 280,000 men.’ click here.