Imran Hussain MP

Bradford’s Telegraph&Argus reports, ‘Jeremy Corbyn has made further appointments to expand Labour’s frontbench team following last week’s reshuffle – including a role for Bradford East MP Imran Hussain. He has been promoted to become shadow minister for international development. He will be one of two people in the post, working under shadow secretary of state for international development Dianne Abbott, after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn decided to expand the team. The role is likely to include examining issues like the global refugee crisis and human rights. Mr Hussain, 37, said the act of increasing the size of Labour’s shadow international development team showed just how significant the issue was to Mr Corbyn, particularly given the ongoing global refugee crisis. He said: “I am of course extremely thankful to Jeremy for appointing me to this important position and looking forward to the task at hand”.’ click here.