Bangladesh’s Kangaroo Court: Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami

Acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Maqbul Ahmed and party’s Acting Secretary General Dr. Shafiqur Rahman jointly issued the following statement on 6th January, 2016:

“Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami is not only the Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami, but also a world renowned religious scholar, Islamic leader, a transparent politician and one of the top most leaders of the 20 party alliances. The incumbent government had filed false and politically motivated case of crimes against humanity against Maulana Nizami and other top leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami in a bid to make it a leaderless party. The allegations which have been brought against Maulana Nizami are completely false, bogus, concocted and politically motivated. The biggest proof of such claim is 3 veteran freedom fighters of his birth place ‘Pabna’ including a commander of the liberation war. These 3 freedom fighters came to the tribunal spontaneously and stated that Maulana Nizami had no nexus with the allegations brought against him. Even though, Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami has been sentenced to death and resultantly the countrymen become highly surprised, shocked and disappointed with it. Maulana Nizami has been deprived from justice. The people of the country rejected this verdict. Maulana Nizami would file a review against this verdict. If justice is ensured, we firmly believe he would be proved innocent and would be acquitted by the grace of Almighty Allah.
The government has adopted a heinous plan to kill the top Jamaat leaders in connection with the case of crimes against humanity in order to attain their ill political interest. Since the onset of the trial, the government had carried many efforts to influence the trial procedure. …”