Am I an Extremist?

Giles Fraser in the Guardian: ‘…  And under pressure not to “do God”, the wet non-committal English clergyman became a figure of fun – at best, a local amateur social worker, and at worst, a social climbing hypocrite. TheVicar of Dibley … read more



S. Parvez Manzoor: Din, Dunya, Dahr.

Secularism, it has often been claimed, is an (illegitimate) offspring of Christianity. Certainly, it is impossible for a Muslim reader not to take notice of the theological moorings of secularity that are Christian not only in origin but also in … read more



Surah Ar-Rahman

Ustadh Saleem Kayani’s study circle – mp3 file tafsir of Surah Ar- Rahman, click here. read more



Lessons from Egypt

Sisi’s charm offensive in London click here to read more read more

Surveillance State

From the mouth of babes!

The Evening Standard reports (27 July 2015), ‘ A three-year-old child is among hundreds of young Londoners who have been identified as potential future extremists or at risk of radicalisation … The three-year-old is from Tower Hamlets and was referred as “part … read more

Islamicate Archives

ELM Concept Drawing

The East London Mosque 1982 – unveiling of foundation plaque

From Impact International, October 1982: …About two months ago, a gentleman saw the artist’s drawing of the proposed mosque at the Islamic Cultural Centre East London Mosque, 1982 read more

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Eid ul-Fitr Prayer in Moscow (2015)

Footage shot from a drone shows large numbers of Moscow’s two million Muslims praying outside the city’s central mosque to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. The Russian capital is home to roughly two million Muslims, with Islam the second most popular religion … read more



Office Administrator

Employer: Apex Primary School… Job Type: Full Time… Location: Ilford, London… We have a strong ethos that boasts a friendly working environment and is devoted in developing children’s academic and Islamic well being… For further information or to apply click … read more


General Kenan Evren (1917 – 2015)

A Turkish military officer who assumed his country’s presidency by leading a coup. General Kenan Evren led a military coup in Turkey and then imposed the     harshest repression in his country’s history leading to his trial and conviction … read more