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A Story of a Muslim Convert from Ukraine

Marina, a Muslim convert from Ukraine, was once in the same position and we hope that hearing from a Muslim convert inspires you to push forward in your conversion to Islam. Do you think about converting to Islam, but have … read more



Protest in Ethiopia

voanews.com reports, ‘ Insisting the demonstrations in Ethiopia’s Oromia region [Salaam note: Muslims form 50% or more of the Oromo population] during the past year are a mass movement, not just two or three protest groups, Merera Gudina, the chairman of … read more



French-instigated illegal deportation

Soon after the end of Ramadan, at a time when Muslim families celebrate the end of a month of fasting, Brazilian police conducted a raid on the home of a dual nationality French-Algerian scientist in Rio,  just after he had … read more

Muslims in Britain


Sadiq Khan: consummate politico

David Hill reports in the Guardian, ‘Sadiq Khan’s speech to the Labour conference was carefully crafted to win audience applause but also, and most of all, to make point after point about the need to win elections and wield power. … read more



Eminent Danish Scientist Abbas Khan

An associate professor at the Technical University of Denmark’s National Space Institute, Shfaqat  Abbas Khan is an expert on Greenland’s glaciers. Together with colleagues at TUD, he has used data from a network of Global Positioning System stations across Greenland to … read more

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France’s Muslim population

A study commissioned by L’Institut Montaigne and reported in the French press (18th September 2016) notes: the Muslim population makes up 5.6% of the over-15 years of age French population and 10% of those under 25  (and 84% less than … read more



Why is a mass extinction of ‘independent states’ taking place . . .

Distinguished journalist Patrick Cockburn writing in TomDispatch.com and reproduced by Third World Resurgence, June – July 2016. We live in an age of disintegration . . .  no real lessons have been learnt about why direct or indirect military interventions … read more



Religious Architectures’ Futures

From http://www.baronesswarsifoundation.org/ Baroness Warsi’s Initiative We’re back on the road again! On 13 September, our ‘Modern Places of Worship’ debate series will make its second stop in Woking. As home to the Shah Jahan, the UK’s first purpose-built mosque, we … read more

Surveillance State


UK’s undercover agents

Philip Oltermann in the Guardian, ‘The German government has written to the British Home Office asking for the Pitchford inquiry into undercover policing to be extended to covert operations by British police in Germany.  The inquiry, which was set up … read more