Zaheer Kazmi: The Politics of Liberal Islam

Extracts from an essay posted on . . . Underlying concerns for an authentic Islam appear in public debates over contending notions of ‘moderate’ and ‘extreme’ Islam. While this distinction is really energised by the concerns of Western states … read more


Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s Slur on Mayor Sadiq Khan

Matthew D’Ancona in the Guardian, ‘. . . Enter Boris Johnson to reframe the diplomatic debacle [of  President Trump’s decision to call off a visit to the UK] with considerable imagination as a dastardly Labour plot. “The US is the … read more

Opinion Piece

Colonial History: Tragedies in Sindh, 1940s

The region of Sindh – lying between Gujrat and Baluchistan – was occupied by British Raj in 1843 after defeating the local amirs. General Charles Napier, epitomising the imperial hubris and arrogance of the times, telegraphed his victory with the … read more


Biblical Studies: new find reports, ‘The first-known original Greek copy of a heretical Christian writing describing Jesus’ secret teachings to his brother James has been discovered at Oxford University by biblical scholars at The University of Texas at Austin . . . The ancient … read more


Fawzi Al-Qawuqji, a little-known Palestinian leader

Victoria Brittain,  launching the sixth annual Palestine Book Awards ceremony in London on the wintry evening of 24 November, observed that the venture was a collaboration of academics-cum-activists and small publishers, for whom “books and education are Resistance”.  A fitting … read more

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Amal Kassir

The Muslim on the airplane – Amal Kassir

Watching the news, it seems like ethnic divides are ever-deepening. But how can we solve these complicated problems when each side lives in fear of the other? The answer is simple, argues Syrian-American poet Amal Kassir – it starts with, … read more

Islamicate Archives

The desolate King

Anbarasan Ethirajan in “For more than a century the last Mughal emperor was almost forgotten – but a chance finding of his grave helped resurrect the legacy of a man revered as a Sufi saint and one of the … read more

Muslims in Britain

Paul Waugh in, “. . . Home Secretary Amber Rudd has distanced herself from an extreme Hindu nationalist who was hosted in Parliament by a Tory MP. Tapan Ghosh, who has called all Muslims ‘Jihadis’ and defended the genocide of the … read more


Tunisian Politics

Hebba Saleh in the Financial Times 25th September 2017, ” Azza Baaziz used to be afraid every time she stepped out of the car at night with her French husband in Tunisia, her home country. The teacher feared that police … read more


Remembering Ahmed Timol

Sipho Mabena in, “Pretoria High Court Judge Billy Mothle has ruled that activist Ahmed Timol did not commit suicide but was brutally tortured and pushed from the 10th floor of the notorious John Vorster Square police building in October … read more


For Christ’s sake?

Christian extremism on display – will it be called Christianist violence (apro pos the much bandied term ‘Islamic violence?). Of course not, because it will be said that one should take a holistic view of a religion’s teachings! Here is an unsavoury … read more


Remembering Balfour in London, 100 years on

Middle East Monitor reports, ‘ The grey weather did not deter the hundreds of attendees who arrived early on Saturday [7 October]  morning at the British Library in London to attend MEMO’s conference to commemorate 100 years since the Balfour Declaration. … read more


Islamophobia mounts in UK

A dossier on media-reported incidents of Islamophobia in recent weeks Bacon ‘slap’, Enfield;  machete threat, Cardiff, 30 June; acid attacks, 29 June; Oxford Eid prayer incident, 27 June; Essex incident, 26 June; Hudderfield incident, 24 June, Muslim Welfare House, Finsbury … read more

EU News

Teenage asylum seeker blameless

BBC reports, ‘A Syrian teenager arrested on suspicion of planning a terror attack in Berlin has been released after no incriminating evidence was found. The 17-year-old asylum seeker was arrested in the Uckermark region, north-east of Berlin, on Tuesday. Police … read more