Ramadan Reflections

Ramadan Reflections by Imam Suhaib Webb

Powerful and moving Ramadan Reflections by Imam Suhaib Webb. Ramadan Reflections are a series of moments that occurred in my life. Join me as I revisit them, deriving lessons and ideas from the past to improve for the future. Part … read more



The role of the west in the runup to Srebrenica’s fall

The Observer reports, ‘Classified documents and research show that British, American and French governments were negotiating to cede ‘safe area’ town to Serbs. Eight thousand Bosnian Muslim men and boys were killed over four days in July 1995 by Bosnian … read more



Abdullah Yusuf Ali: On Death

Grief at loss of young Muslim leader, 4th July 2015 What happens at death? It is certainly not the end of all things. It may end what Tennyson calls ‘the petty cobwebs that we have spun’, but it brings us … read more

Secret State


More on ‘Stakeknife’

Owen Bowcott in The Guardian: …As evidence emerges, the scale of the security forces’ penetration of the province’s paramilitary organisations grows ever more astonishing. One informed source has estimated that by the end of the Troubles as many as 90% … read more

Featured Videos

Tahir Alam

Tahir Alam on the Trojan Horse Hoax

Impact of the Education of Muslim Children in Birmingham Schools Featuring Tahir Alam, Ex Chairman – Park View Educational Trust read more



Office Administrator

Employer: Apex Primary School… Job Type: Full Time… Location: Ilford, London… We have a strong ethos that boasts a friendly working environment and is devoted in developing children’s academic and Islamic well being… For further information or to apply click … read more



Surah Al-Rahman

Ustadh Saleem Kayani’s study circle – mp3 file tafsir of Surah Al-Rahman, click here. read more



Lessons from Egypt

Exposing the apologists for the military coup of 30th June 2013 &  various Sisi supporters click here to read more read more

Muslims in Britain

Shine A Light - by Human Appeal UK

Human Appeal Launches Powerful New Video to Encourage Ramadan Donations

  Aid charity’s emotive film ‘Shines A Light’ on child mortality and global poverty International humanitarian aid charity Human Appeal has partnered with multi award-winning content agency Don’t Panic London to produce an arresting new film. ‘Shine A Light’ raises … read more

Islamicate Archives

ELM Concept Drawing

The East London Mosque 1982 – unveiling of foundation plaque

From Impact International, October 1982: …About two months ago, a gentleman saw the artist’s drawing of the proposed mosque at the Islamic Cultural Centre East London Mosque, 1982 read more



Radwa Ashour

Egyptian writer and academic, who passed away in 2014. read more