Muslims in Britain

FOSIS President: Zara Mohammad

FOSIS President: Zara Mohammad

Press release from the Federation of Students Islamic Societies (FOSIS): The Federation of Student Islamic Societies hosted its 53rd Annual Conference at Manchester University where it elected its new leadership for 2016/2017. Student delegates came from across the UK & Eire … read more

The ladies from Bangladesh

Nilufar Ahmed’s study of first-generation Bangladeshi migrants in East London reviewed here.  The account is based on five themes: Belonging; Language, Citizenship and Britishness; The Family; Care and Welfare; Religion. All the twenty respondents were Muslim, with an average age … read more

Babar Ahmad’s Ordeal

Robert Verkaik in the Observer, ‘In his first interview since his return to the UK eight months ago, Ahmad, from south London, has told the Observer that he wants the police to apologise for the abuse he suffered . . … read more

Mancunian Muslim

Adam Sherwin interviews Faisal Islam in the Independent, ‘As the political editor of Sky News, Faisal Islam is now one of the most recognisable figures on British television. But even he suffered the indignity of being stopped and searched repeatedly … read more

Affirmations of faith

All those involved in this project at the HRH Prince Al-Walid Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge deserve praise for placing an important study in the public domain. It needs to be read within mosques and … read more

Demos Report: Rising to the Top

Louis Reynolds and Jonathan Birwell’s report, ‘Rising to the Top’ begins with the commendable premise A successfully integrated society is one in which all ethnic or religious groups are more or less equally represented in positions of power in society. … read more

The Thunderer goes downhill

There was a time when The Times of London provided a standard for serious journalism. Now too often it is lapsing into a cheap populism that often makes it indistinguishable from the tabloid press. Never mind accuracy or responsible journalism if a sensationalist … read more