Muslims in Britain

A matter of choice

Anabel Inge in the Independent, 27 November 2016 ‘. . . Salafism, often referred to as Wahhabism, is an ideology commonly associated with Isis and often features in the news, usually as a label applied to jihadis who’ve committed atrocities … read more

Sadiq Khan: consummate politico

David Hill reports in the Guardian, ‘Sadiq Khan’s speech to the Labour conference was carefully crafted to win audience applause but also, and most of all, to make point after point about the need to win elections and wield power. … read more

Finding a Job!

Government must address the inequalities in employment faced by Muslim people in the UK, says a new report by the Women and Equalities Select Committee. Evidence shows these will remain unless targeted support is introduced . . . Employers should … read more

Chasing Shadows!

Liam O’Hare, Ted Jeory in the Independent, ‘A Muslim NHS worker was detained at a UK airport and questioned under terror laws after a cabin crew member spotted her reading a Syrian culture book on board her honeymoon flight. Faizah Shaheen, who … read more