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More on Macron

BBC reports, “Born in the northern city of Amiens, Mr Macron was educated at the prestigious Henri-IV public secondary school in Paris. It is regarded as one of the most demanding sixth-form colleges in France.

His parents were both doctors and well-to-do. He studied philosophy at the University of Paris-Ouest Nanterre, and got postgraduate degrees at Paris’s prestigious Sciences Po and the elite ENA college.

ENA is traditionally the incubator for France’s top civil servants.

He joined Rothschild & Cie in 2008, where he worked as an investment banker.

He first met François Hollande in 2006 and although he was courted by the centre-right, he felt more at home with the Socialists. He has never been elected an MP.

. . . Soon this protégé of President Hollande developed political ambitions of his own, and his position in government became increasingly awkward in April 2016 when he set up En Marche.” click here.

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The Dortmund bus attack


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France’s Muslim population

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