Murdoch’s pet

Graham Ruddick in the Guardian, ‘The government has refused to deny that Rupert Murdoch asked Theresa May to reappoint Michael Gove to the cabinet or face a bad press in his newspaper titles, insisting that cabinet roles are selected on … read more

“We are in this hell of a mess”

Chris Patten, former Tory Party chairman, in the Guardian, ““I think it’s the worst time since Suez, though maybe even worse than that because Suez was the end of an era, the end of our colonial aspirations . . . … read more

Macron’s faux pas

Eliza Anyangwe in the Guardian, ‘France’s newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, when asked in a press conference at the G20 summit in Hamburg why there was no Marshall plan for Africa, explained that Africa had “civilizational” problems. He added that … read more

Muhathir’s turn-round!

Randeep Ramesh in the Guardian, ‘. . . In a remarkable political U-turn ahead of a general election next year, Mahathir now says that his former protege Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s most famous political prisoner and its most charismatic public figure, … read more

Modi finds alliance

BBC reports, ‘ Narendra Modi will become the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel when he arrives on Tuesday. Mr Modi, who recently said India and the Jewish state share a “deep and centuries-old” connection, is expected to agree … read more

Human rights in Bangladesh

Human rights lawyer Michael Pollack writes in the letter pages of the Guardian, Bangladesh high commissioner Nazmul Quaunine defends his government’s human rights record and claims the Guardian is wrongly reporting the situation in Bangladesh (Letters, 27 June). I disagree. … read more

India’s ugly face

Soutik Biswas reporting for the BBC, ‘On Thursday a 15-year-old Muslim boy, returning home from Eid shopping with his three brothers, was killed in a brutal assault by a mob of about 20 men on a train in the north … read more

Palestine Expo to proceed reports, ‘Despite the best efforts of Britain’s pro-Israel lobby, the organisers of the biggest-ever Palestine event in Europe have been told by the British government that it is “content to let the event proceed.” A spokesperson for the Department … read more

Boycott Uplift

Karim el-Bar reports in, ‘The High Court in London has dismissed a pro-Israeli group’s legal challenge to local council resolutions to boycott goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. In a landmark decision announced on … read more

The terrorist Islamophobes

Alan Travis in the Guardian, ‘. . . A year after the terrorist murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by a man the judge described as a “violent white supremacist and exclusive nationalist”, the far right in Britain have expounded … read more