Hate Crimes Increase

The Guardian reports, ‘The number of hate crimes against Muslims in London has risen by almost three quarters in a year, according to police figures, with women who wear veils particularly vulnerable. There were 816 Islamophobic offences recorded across the city … read more

‘Find your humanity’

Cameron & The Syria Refugees Crisis

Jamie Merrill and Matt Dathan in the Independent, ‘David Cameron has been told he must “find his humanity” rather than “shirking and making excuses” in his refusal to open Britain’s doors to more than just a few hundred Syrian refugees. Speaking … read more

West Bank Settlers from US

Jason Ditz writing in, ‘A new study by Oxford University scholar Sara Hirschhorn on the makeup of settlers in the occupied West Bank has revealed what she described as a “strikingly over-represented” number of American settlers. Some 60,000 Americans … read more

Brazil’s civil society rejects Israeli nominee

Press TV reports, ‘Brazilian organizations and lawmakers have signed a petition, condemning Israel’s designation of a former head of the regime’s main settler organization as its next ambassador to the South American country. Forty leading organizations and a few members of … read more

Mr Hammond’s welcome realism

The Guardian reports, ‘The UK foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, has said that “a new phase” has been entered in the search for a resolution to the Syrian conflict with the thawing of relations between the west and Iran paving the … read more

Sadiq Khan for City Hall

The Mirror reports, ‘Neil Kinnock has backed Sadiq Khan to be Labour’s candidate for the mayor of London. In a glowing endorsement, the former Labour leader praised Mr Khan’s “tireless energy, his creativity, his strong Labour values and his practical ability … read more

Iran’s Zarif in Pakistan

Dawn’s editorial notes, ‘ A massive opportunity is opening to Pakistan’s west as Iran moves towards seeing sanctions lifted. The visit by Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif, has underlined this fact, and it is unfortunate that the government of Pakistan offered little … read more

Not in Paris?

MiddleEast Monitor reports, ‘A decision to dedicate a beach festival event in Paris to Israel’s Tel Aviv city has sparked outrage among leftist politicians and pro-Palestinian groups, who have termed the gesture as “indecent”. Every summer, the French capital turns … read more

Not Welcome Here

Press TV reports (, ‘People in Britain have been signing a petition that calls on the government to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu upon his arrival in the UK next month. The petition entitled “Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he … read more

Am I an Extremist?

Giles Fraser in the Guardian: ‘…  And under pressure not to “do God”, the wet non-committal English clergyman became a figure of fun – at best, a local amateur social worker, and at worst, a social climbing hypocrite. TheVicar of Dibley … read more