Jamarat tragedy: Analysis of Factors

The Guardian reports, ‘The Saudi health minister, Khalid al-Falih, earlier pointed a finger of blame at the dead, saying the pilgrims had been undisciplined and not followed movement instructions, but the witnesses disagreed… “There was crowding. The police had closed … read more

Apology from ‘Mail on Sunday’

Miqdaad Versi writing in the Guardian:’Hats off to the Mail on Sunday for finally apologising for its incendiary headline: “Muslim gang slashes tyres of immigration-raid van”. In the piece in question, an attack on an immigration enforcement van in east … read more

Youth Leader’s Ordeal

Intissar Kherigi, President of FEMYSO,  writes on her Facebook page: Those who know me know I don’t like “publicity” or sharing too much personal info on social media. But this week I facebooked about the experience of being refused a metro … read more

Pilgrims and Profits

The Economist reports, ‘The Saudi government is spending billions of dollars on expanding the holy sites’ capacity (luckily the haj makes the country some $8.5 billion each year, by one estimate). The Grand Mosque will soon be able to accommodate … read more

Reviewer calls for caution on CT legislation

David Anderson QC’s  report warns: If the wrong decisions are taken, the new law risks provoking a backlash in affected communities, hardening perceptions of an illiberal or Islamophobic approach, alienating those whose integration into British society is already fragile and playing … read more

Dominic Grieve appointment

BBC reports, ‘Former attorney general Dominic Grieve has been elected as the new chairman of Parliament’s influential Intelligence and Security Committee. Mr Grieve, the government’s most senior law officer between 2010 and 2014, was chosen by his fellow committee members. He is … read more

Blairism is Dead

Leon McCluskey in the Guardian, ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader with a mandate which dwarfs that given to Tony Blair 21 years ago is the most extraordinary event in the 45 years I have been a party member. To … read more

Gary Younge:

Writing in the Guardian, ‘Intelligence agencies claim that Khan and Junaid Hussain, a Briton killed in a separate airstrike last month, were planning to attack two major events this year: VE commemorations at Westminster Abbey in May and an Armed … read more

Hate Crimes Increase

The Guardian reports, ‘The number of hate crimes against Muslims in London has risen by almost three quarters in a year, according to police figures, with women who wear veils particularly vulnerable. There were 816 Islamophobic offences recorded across the city … read more