Charity Commission admonished

The website of CAGE, the human rights NGO, notes, ‘The Charity Commission has today been forced to climb down from its attempt to prohibit charities from funding CAGE. CAGE is grateful for the wide ranging support it has received. This … read more

Canadian Muslims welcome Harper’s end

The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) noted on the defeat of the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the Canadian general election: “We commend the Liberal Party of Canada and Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau on their election victory and … read more

The McCarthyist undertones

The Guardian reports, ‘A major drive is to be launched against “entryist” infiltration of the public sector, charities and businesses by Islamist and other extremists as a key part of the government’s new counter-extremist strategy… The details of the published … read more

Yesterday’s British Extremists

Richard Norton-Taylor reports in the Guardian, ‘… For years, Foreign Office, MI5, and MI6, officials failed to notice the continuing communist sympathies of the two men [Burgess and McLean]  even though they did little to hide them. According to the hitherto … read more

Laicité extremism

Angelique Chrisafis in The Guardian reports, ‘After years of French controversies over headscarves, pork has become the new battleground in the nation’s uneasy debate over national identity and the place of Islam. Bacon and sausage school dinners are being used … read more

Marwan Baghouti

Writing in the Guardian, ‘The current escalation in violence did not start with the killing of two Israeli settlers, it started a long while ago and has been going on for years. Every day Palestinians are killed, wounded, arrested. Every … read more

Nobel Peace Prize 2015: Tunisians awarded

The Independent reports, ‘The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet — a coalition of community groups that together brought peace in the country following the Arab Spring. The Committee that awarded the prize praised the … read more

Surveillance Software at Schools

Simon Hooper reports in ‘School children in the UK who search for words such as “caliphate” and the names of Muslim political activists on classroom computers risk being flagged as potential supporters of terrorism by monitoring software being marketed … read more

Modi’s India reports, ‘The lynching of a 50-year-old man by a mob which accused his family of consuming beef in the northern Indian village of Dadri has sparked outrage with opposition parties alleging that such incidents are a result of the … read more

Saudi Tremors

The Guardian reports, ‘A senior Saudi prince has launched an unprecedented call for change in the country’s leadership, as it faces its biggest challenge in years in the form of war, plummeting oil prices and criticism of its management of … read more