Modi’s choice for UP Chief Minister reports, ‘A highly controversial Hindu priest-turned-politician has been handpicked by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lead the country’s most populous state [UP, Uttar Pradesh]. With more than a dozen criminal cases pending against him — and despite repeatedly … read more

Empire 2.0 fantasyland

David Olusoga writes in The Guardian, ‘ . . . there has long been a vaguely defined notion that, somehow, Britain might reassemble chosen fragments of the empire . . . But since last week – when it was reported … read more

Under the radar . . .

Carole Cadwaladr in the Guardian, ‘… There are mounting and deeply disquieting questions about the role “dark money” may have played during last year’s EU referendum; and about whether the use of offshore jurisdictions, loopholes in European and North American … read more

The Colonial Experience

Shashi Tharoor in the Guardian,  ‘. . . The process of colonial rule in India meant economic exploitation and ruin to millions, the destruction of thriving industries, the systematic denial of opportunities to compete, the elimination of indigenous institutions of … read more

Elections loom in UP, Mayawati’s comeback?

The Economic Times (India) reports, ‘The high decibel campaign has come to an end in a do-or-die battle for BJP, BP and the SP-Congress combine in Uttar Pradesh. The temple town of Varanasi, also Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency, … read more

Balfour, 1917

Robert Fisk in the Independent, ‘. . . The Balfour Declaration’s intrinsic lie – that while Britain supported a Jewish homeland, nothing would be done “which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine” – … read more

Istanbul Conference on Palestine

Dr Daud Abdullah writes in, ‘The Palestinians Abroad Conference in Istanbul has presented nothing less than a challenge to the national authority installed and supported by Israel’s allies in Ramallah. Despite the best efforts of the Palestinian Authority to … read more

Jamal Al-Harith case

Shami Chakrabarti in the Evening Standard, ‘. . . it remains our belief that lengthy detention without charge or trial and interrogation techniques involving torture  are not just unjust in principle but devastatingly counter-productive to the cause of fighting terrorism … read more

Demise of Omar Abdul Rahman

Edward Helmore reports in the Guardian, ‘. . . The Egyptian cleric died of natural causes at the Federal Medical Center, Butner, part of a federal prison compound in Butner, North Carolina, according to spokesman Greg Norton. He had been … read more

Dark days ahead . . .

Gideon Rachman in the Financial Times, ‘This tendency to conceive of the west in civilisational or even racial terms — rather than through ideology or institutions — also helps explain the Trump team’s sympathy with Vladimir Putin’s Russia and hostility … read more