Who’s Who: Buhari of Nigeria

General Buhari who was ousted in a coup in 1985, after persecuting political opponents and introducing a series of autocratic measure, was Nigeria’s presidential contender in 2003 election, representing All Nigeria Peoples party. The general is remembered for “war against … read more

Novelist Halide Edibe

While she was still 16 years old she wrote a controversial book against the Purdah, which made her well known in the whole of Turkey. She organised a women brigade in 1921. She became actively involved in Turkish literacy, political … read more

General Hamid Gul

HAMID GUL (1936 – 2015) Pakistan’s former spy chief An influential three-star general Hamid Gul served as the head of Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan’s spy agency, from 1987 to 1989. The General was deeply involved in his country’s policy towards neighbouring … read more