Philanthropic worker Extraordinaire

Abdul Sattar Edhi (1932-2016) ‘. . . began work as a street hawker, set up a small clinic in 1951 in Karachi and since then he networked across the length and breadth of Pakistan and extended his noble services internationally … read more

Biographies: MUHAMMAD ALI

The American athlete who “literally changed the world of sports forever.”   . . . Muhammad Ali battled, for 32 years, with Parkinson’s disease he suffered with. When the news of his death was flashed tributes poured in from around the … read more

Who Was Who

Nauman Khan writes, ‘Abdel Aziz Mohamed (1947-2016)  – a moderate voice of the Polisario Front, ‘The long-time leader of a movement to create an independent state for the indigenous Berber tribesmen in Western Sahara Abdel Aziz Mohamed was seen as … read more

New Entries

Visit a unique directory maintained by Nauman Khan for entries on over 2,500 Muslim personalities, including the following new entries click here ANISEH MAKHLOUF (1930 – 2016) Former influential matriarch of Syria INTIZAR HUSSAIN (1923 – 2016) Writer KHODADAD FARMANFARMAIAN (1928 – … read more

Fatma Samoura, FIFA Sec Gen

Fatma Samoura undertook university studies at Lyon (France) where she obtained a Masters in English and Spanish. After 21 years within the UN, this lady from Dakar has held responsibilities in Cameroun, Chad, Guinea, Djibouti, Nigeria and Madagascar. Fatma Samoura … read more

Zafar Ishaq Ansari

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji un. The scholar-activist Dr. Ansari  passed away in Islamabad on 24th April 2016 – a loss to the Muslim world of learning. He served as Director General of the Islamic Research Institute, Islamabad from 2006-2011, … read more

The late Hassanein Heikal

In his final television interviews before his death, however, Heikal sounded notes of warning to President Sisi, who is struggling to defeat a militant insurgency based in the Sinai Peninsula and to halt a steep economic decline.  Heikal’s prolific writing … read more

Sahibzada Yaqub Khan

‘ . . . Sahabzada also served as Pakistan’s envoy to the Soviet Union and France, and was Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar’s United Nations special representative for Western Sahara. He served as an ambassador from 1972 to 1982, under … read more

Princess Ashraf Pahlavi

The twin sister of the last Shah of Iran, Ashraf Pahlavi sought to modernise her country and championing the equality of women but had a taste for the high life – joined the jet set with gusto and took to … read more