Views of contemporary Muslim thinkers

Wael B. Hallaq on the Double-Shahada

As I have discussed elsewhere, the Shari’a cannot be understood, nor could it have operated in any social context, without its moral bearings. The Shari’a without a moral community (which assumes morally grounded individuals) was not Shari’a. And morality – … read more

Abdelwahab El-Affendi on Educational Reform

In established industrialised societies, where most of the important debates about the overall general direction of society have been resolved, the debates around the purpose of higher education usually centre around the contests between utilitarianism (vocational and professional skills and … read more

S. Parvez Manzoor: Din, Dunya, Dahr.

Secularism, it has often been claimed, is an (illegitimate) offspring of Christianity. Certainly, it is impossible for a Muslim reader not to take notice of the theological moorings of secularity that are Christian not only in origin but also in … read more

Abdullah Yusuf Ali: On Death

Grief at loss of young Muslim leader, 4th July 2015 What happens at death? It is certainly not the end of all things. It may end what Tennyson calls ‘the petty cobwebs that we have spun’, but it brings us … read more

Bennabi on Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is an interval in Time. It is its moment of systolic or diastolic heartbeat. Whichever, the interval marks the annual, cyclical return of the sacred. Life is sacred. This is to be reaffirmed, to give man … read more

Ebrahim Moosa: Letter to Policy Makers

It is time for the United States to hit the reset button when it comes to dealing with Muslim communities around the world. Waging a cultural war against Muslim societies is not the answer; it only aggravates the situation. The … read more

AbdoolKarim Vakil: What is our vision?

Extract from ‘British Values and the British Muslims’, published in Open Democracy, June 2014 …The fact is, Muslims are disproportionately the object of news coverage, and inversely proportionally able to inform and shape the public conversation. We are the most … read more

Rashed Ghannouchi – ‘Islam does not judge’

Extracts from an interview with Mounia El-Arfaoui, May 2015. Rashed Ghannouchi, your latest positions have provoked great controversy, particularly your opposition to criminalizing homosexuality, which is forbidden in Islam. Do you still adopt this position? I have already said Islam, like … read more