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The Rise & Decline of Pax Americana

In the second part of  ‘The history of Capitalism – a personal view’, Muhammad Nauman Khan explores the emergence of the USA’s “uni-polarity” and the eventual disappointing outcome of the ‘American dream’, adding

There is an erosion of US economic and political power, and a shift towards China is already palpable. In the Middle East, the US is winding down two disastrous and unsuccessful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – and finds its influence threatened by the Arab awakening. Europe’s leaders are appealing Beijing, rather than Washington, for emergency financial assistance. In Africa, a continent is being transformed by Chinese investments.

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Deconstructing ‘Radicalisation’

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Silicon Valley Delusion: a Ghanian case study

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Neuroscience and Geopolitics

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Pope Francis & Francis of Assisi

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Revitalising Waqfs

Shinsuke Nagaoka is Associate Professor at the Graduate School of African and Asian Studies, University of Kyoto, specialising in Islamic Economics,  motivated by a desire to rediscover “a distinctive feature of the economic concept of Islam . . . When we … read more