For Christ’s sake?

Christian extremism on display – will it be called Christianist violence (apro pos the much bandied term ‘Islamic violence?). Of course not, because it will be said that one should take a holistic view of a religion’s teachings! Here is an unsavoury story close to home: apparently a Church lay activist, one John Smyth QC, ordered boys at a Christian youth camp in England to self-harm themselves as a way of dispensing with ‘sinful’ yearnings. Salaam blogger, intrigued to join the dots with theology, found this reference:

And that servant who knew his master’s will, but did not make ready or act according to his will, shall receive sever beating – Luke 12:17

So this became the theological justification for the poor adolescents to become ready agents to bizarre rituals in order to obtain divine solace! According to one victim, ‘[such] narrowness and lack of compassion remains common in Christian fundamentalism’ [See report by Harriet Sherwood, in The Guardian, 9 February 2017].

Let our Christian friends recognise that theology can be misused and sacred texts interpreted out of context.

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