Surveillance State

UK’s undercover agents

Philip Oltermann in the Guardian, ‘The German government has written to the British Home Office asking for the Pitchford inquiry into undercover policing to be extended to covert operations by British police in Germany.  The inquiry, which was set up following the revelation that former Metropolitan police officer Mark Kennedy had infiltrated protest groups and entered intimate relationships under false pretences, is currently only set to cover Kennedy’s activities in England and Wales . . . According to Left party MP Andrej Hunko, one of the parliamentarians who have been calling for the German government to investigate the Kennedy case, British officers were deployed to infiltrate leftwing activist groups such as Youth Against Racism in Europe and Dissent!, a network that mobilised against the 2005 G8 summit in Heiligendamm.’ click here.

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A Community Organiser’s Perspective

Sharhabeel Lone, Chairman of the Kentish Town Community Organisation, writing to the editor of the Guardian, 5th May 2016 Over almost a decade of increasingly failed strategies by the Home Office to counter the radicalisation of young people (Revealed: UK’s covert propaganda … read more

CCTV in student prayer rooms

The University of Westminster has been criticised by students for installing cameras in prayer rooms on all campuses, after failing to consult the Students’ Union who oppose the move. The cameras were installed in October 2015 in all prayer rooms and … read more

Channel Programme metrics

Mark Tran in the Guardian, ‘More than 300 people referred to a deradicalisation scheme between June and August were under 18, figures show. Of the 796 individuals reported to the government’s Channel programme for possible intervention, 312 were under 18, statistics … read more

From the mouth of babes!

The Evening Standard reports (27 July 2015), ‘ A three-year-old child is among hundreds of young Londoners who have been identified as potential future extremists or at risk of radicalisation … The three-year-old is from Tower Hamlets and was referred as “part … read more

More on ‘Stakeknife’

Owen Bowcott in The Guardian: …As evidence emerges, the scale of the security forces’ penetration of the province’s paramilitary organisations grows ever more astonishing. One informed source has estimated that by the end of the Troubles as many as 90% … read more

Could this be possible?

Paul Gallagher reports in The Independent: The security forces protected ‘state sponsored serial killers’ on both sides of Northern Ireland’s paramilitary groups who are responsible for some of the most notorious unsolved murders of The Troubles, according to a BBC Panorama … read more

Confronting PREVENT

For a dossier on critics of the Government’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy, including the Prevent and Channel programmes,   click here. Observations from: Ken Macdonald, warden of Wadham College, Oxford David Anderson QC, the independent reviewer of terrorism laws Miqdaad Versi Councillor Muhammad … read more