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What is a historian?

A talk by Dr Uddin during Bengal History Week October 2016. Dr Uddin is a project curator (Bengali) at the British Library for the ‘Two Centuries of Indian Print’ project. She completed her PhD in History from Royal Holloway in … read more

Riding the Tiger

Wide-ranging and erudite discourse by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (Dr Tim Winter) at the Cambridge Muslim College with critiques of the Enlightenment and a lament on modern times. The talk provides invaluable insights  on dissenting voices within the European philosophical tradition … read more

Malia Bouattia: Against All Odds

Malia Bouattia, President of NUS, on her journey and inspirations at MADE+ Talks in 2015. MADE is an organisaton that works for social and environmental change by building a community of young British Muslims to be socially responsible and active … read more

Artic Mosque

Snow Angel Films  present: A little prefabricated mosque makes its way across the trials and beauty of the Canadian landscape in a celebrated and unprecedented 4000 km (2500 mile) journey by road and river from the prairie city of Winnipeg … read more