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BDS Movement begins to bite

Chris McGreal reports in The Guardian, ‘The American gambling magnate and major Republican party donor Sheldon Adelson is hosting a closed-door meeting of pro-Israel billionaires and activists at his Las Vegas casino this weekend, to combat the burgeoning movement on … read more

Torture Civilisation


Justin Carissimo reports in the Independent, ‘A Guantanamo Bay inmate has alleged that the Central Intelligence Agency has used sexual abuse and more forms of torture than what were previously disclosed. Majid Khan, a former inmate turned government-cooperating witness, told Reuters … read more

Turkish election: High Stakes

The Wall Street Journal reports, ‘… the latest polls suggest the party [Peoples’ Democratic Party, or HDP] could squeak past the 10% electoral threshold needed to get representation in Turkish parliament, enough to deny Mr. Erdogan’s Islamic-rooted Justice and Development … read more

More on ‘Stakeknife’

Owen Bowcott in The Guardian: …As evidence emerges, the scale of the security forces’ penetration of the province’s paramilitary organisations grows ever more astonishing. One informed source has estimated that by the end of the Troubles as many as 90% … read more

Could this be possible?

Paul Gallagher reports in The Independent: The security forces protected ‘state sponsored serial killers’ on both sides of Northern Ireland’s paramilitary groups who are responsible for some of the most notorious unsolved murders of The Troubles, according to a BBC Panorama … read more

The Politics of the FIFA intervention

… Already, we’re seeing a dramatic shift in focus for the FIFA conference, and the planned vote on suspending Israel for the mistreatment of Palestinian footballers seems almost certain to be delayed.  Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu is crowing about this, and bragged of … read more

The Shaikha’s Intervention

From the Guardian – Qatari Shaikha Moza bint Nasser al-Missned’s speech in Oxford: “Why is it that world leaders gathered to march in defence of Charlie Hebdo, while the Chapel Hill murders were shrugged off as a parking dispute?” …At the same … read more

London School’s BRIT Project

Faith Matters’ criticisms: What is really problematic about this questionnaire is the fact that a majority of pupils in Buxton School are Muslims and the questionnaire was given out to 11 year old students – according to parents who sent … read more

Rashed Ghannouchi – ‘Islam does not judge’

Extracts from an interview with Mounia El-Arfaoui, May 2015. Rashed Ghannouchi, your latest positions have provoked great controversy, particularly your opposition to criminalizing homosexuality, which is forbidden in Islam. Do you still adopt this position? I have already said Islam, like … read more