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Strange linguistic wonderland!

Professor Avi Shlaim and others write to the Guardian, “. . . The latest such move [by some members of the Labour Party] is the exclusion of Professor Moshe Machover, an academic and Israeli socialist, long resident in the UK. His offence? Two infringements: his insistence that anti-Zionism and support for Palestinian rights are not antisemitic; and his willingness to write articles about this in any leftwing publication. For this, he has been expelled from the party. In this strange linguistic wonderland, it is antisemitic to argue that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitic. The charge of antisemitism against Machover is personally offensive and politically dangerous. Misusing the term antisemitism for pro-Israel political purposes deprives it of its charge and its critical role in naming those who hate Jews because they are Jews. Real antisemitism is obscured by this self-serving redefinition of the term. Expelling Machover because another organisation published his work is absurd. This could just as well be used against Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. Perhaps they are next in line.” click here.

Remembering Ahmed Timol

Sipho Mabena in, “Pretoria High Court Judge Billy Mothle has ruled that activist Ahmed Timol did not commit suicide but was brutally tortured and pushed from the 10th floor of the notorious John Vorster Square police building in October … read more

Turkey-US relations: What next? reports,’Top Turkish officials have lashed out at the US, stating that Turkey “is not a tribal state” and does not need Washington’s permission to detain and prosecute suspects. The Turkish prime minister promised to “retaliate” over the suspension of … read more

Al Jazeera: OFCOM ruling

Graham Ruddick in the Guardian, ‘ Ofcom has cleared al-Jazeera of antisemitism and breaching impartiality rules over an undercover investigation that caught an Israeli embassy official plotting to “take down” British MPs regarded as hostile towards Israel. The media regulator investigated … read more

Remembering Balfour in London, 100 years on

Middle East Monitor reports, ‘ The grey weather did not deter the hundreds of attendees who arrived early on Saturday [7 October]  morning at the British Library in London to attend MEMO’s conference to commemorate 100 years since the Balfour Declaration. … read more

Holding THE TIMES & IPSO (and others) to account

Miqdaad Versi in the Guardian, ‘In August, the Times’s front-page story was “Christian girl forced into Muslim foster care”. It was followed by a series of high-profile stories, with the paper proudly vindicating itself by declaring: “Judge rules child must … read more

The word that must not be said

Moustafa Bayoumi in the Guardian, “We have a double standard in the United States when it comes to talking about terrorism. The label is reserved almost exclusively for when we’re talking about Muslims. Consider Stephen Craig Paddock, the shooter in … read more

Powerful message at Labour Conference

Naomi Klein at the Labour Party Conference, ‘. . . In all of our countries, we can and must do more to connect the dots between economic injustice, racial injustice and gender injustice. We need to draw out the connections between … read more

Tunisian Politics

Hebba Saleh in the Financial Times 25th September 2017, ” Azza Baaziz used to be afraid every time she stepped out of the car at night with her French husband in Tunisia, her home country. The teacher feared that police … read more

Support Ismail Serageldin

In a recent editorial [14 September 2017], the science journal Nature has drawn attention to the heavy-handed treatment the Egyptian authorities have meted out to an eminent scholar, Ismail Serageldin, instrumental in re-establishing the library of Alexandria. It notes, Next … read more