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Manchester bomber Salman Abedi was banned from a mosque and reported to authorities for his extremist views

Salman Abedi was banned from a mosque after criticising an imam for “talking bollocks”

Salman Abedi was reported to authorities for his extremist views, yet he managed to w

alk into Manchester Arena and detonate a suicide bomb, killing 22 people.

The British-born son of Libyan parents, he was banned from a mosque in the city, after criticising an imam for “talking bollocks” during a sermon criticising the Islamic State (IS) terror group.

A number of people who knew him, and even family members, had reportedly warned authorities he was developing radical views – including, the BBC said, that being a suicide bomber was okay – prompting concerns that signs of the threat he posed were missed.

Manchester Vigils

Vigils Across England Honor Manchester Bombing Victims

College students were among those who raised ‘concerns’ about Abedi years ago.

A source at South Trafford College, in Altrincham, said authorities may have missed opportunities to follow up on the concerns, which were raised at least two years prior to the attack. READ MORE

Source: Manchester Evening News


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