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Jamal Al-Harith case

Shami Chakrabarti in the Evening Standard, ‘. . . it remains our belief that lengthy detention without charge or trial and interrogation techniques involving torture  are not just unjust in principle but devastatingly counter-productive to the cause of fighting terrorism and hate. They allow our enemies to label us as hypocrites and oppressors and sap the moral authority that belongs to the democratic way. Whether first in Northern Ireland or later in Guantanamo, I believe that far from preventing terrorism, policies of internment have been its unwitting recruiting sergeant.

Imagine that you are a young idealist, radical or hothead of whatever persuasion. You may or may not believe in violent struggle in support of your deeply held cause. But then you are taken prisoner on or off the street or battlefield. You are incarcerated, interrogated and tortured, possibly over a period of years. If you weren’t angry before this experience, you are highly likely to be embittered and inflamed afterwards. And the longer the ordeal, the worse it is likely to be.

And what about your family, community or others of your faith or politics? Even if they are not actively radicalised at the sight of your treatment, are they likely to be active friends and supporters of our much needed police and security agencies as a result?’ click here.

Trojan Horse allegations found hollow

21st February 2016: Trojan Horse claim rejected BBC reports, ‘ A head teacher’s claims of a “Trojan Horse” Islamic takeover at a school have “no basis”, a council investigation has found. Patricia O’Donnell, head of Clarksfield Primary School, Oldham, also alleged she … read more

Demise of Omar Abdul Rahman

Edward Helmore reports in the Guardian, ‘. . . The Egyptian cleric died of natural causes at the Federal Medical Center, Butner, part of a federal prison compound in Butner, North Carolina, according to spokesman Greg Norton. He had been … read more

German mis-reporting reports, ‘ Prosecutors in Frankfurt are investigating two people for making up a crime, after they claimed in a national newspaper that dozens of Arab men rioted and sexually assaulted women at New Year. The claims first appeared in … read more

Dark days ahead . . .

Gideon Rachman in the Financial Times, ‘This tendency to conceive of the west in civilisational or even racial terms — rather than through ideology or institutions — also helps explain the Trump team’s sympathy with Vladimir Putin’s Russia and hostility … read more

For Christ’s sake?

Christian extremism on display – will it be called Christianist violence (apro pos the much bandied term ‘Islamic violence?). Of course not, because it will be said that one should take a holistic view of a religion’s teachings! Here is an unsavoury … read more

Tea with the Tillerman!

Daily Sabah reports, ‘Legendary singer-songwriter Yusuf Islam, or Cat Stevens as he is still better known as, met with Turkish officials on Wednesday in the capital Ankara. The London-born music legend met Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş and officials from … read more

Hurdles in Employment

Zack Adesina and Oana Marocico  report in BBC Inside Out, ‘A job seeker with an English-sounding name was offered three times the number of interviews than an applicant with a Muslim name, a BBC test found. Inside Out London sent … read more

Redefining ‘Religion’

Michael Schulson in the Washington Post, ‘ . . . The idea has adherents at the highest levels of power. “Islam is a political ideology” that “hides behind the notion of it being a religion,” national security adviser Michael Flynn … read more

Protest at No.10

Damien Gayle and Nicola Slawson in the Guardian, ‘ Tens of thousands of protesters have taken part in marches across the country [Saturday 4 February] condemning Theresa May’s state visit invitation to Donald Trump. Demonstrators urged the prime minister to withdraw … read more